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Vietnamese Music and Novel Idea

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 | No Comments »
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My memories of Vietnam are not of the war.  Instead, they are of hot, narrow, gravelly neighborhood streets flanked by open-doored, just-as-narrow houses; of dust-clouded intersections where cars knit chaotically past one another like crayfish in a tank on market day; of sleepy afternoons swinging pendulum-like on a hammock; of freshly-made pho and ice cream drizzled with sweetened condensed milk in crunchy, air-filled buns that melt in your mouth.

But the novel I’m writing won’t be about my memories, though hopefully I can still put the  part of myself that loves Vietnam and thinks it’s beautiful into the piece. It’ll be about the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War was a major historical event that has been written about probably a hundred, a thousand times over.  Still, for years now, I’ve wanted to write a novel about the war and the people that it affected–people who lived and loved and created memories in Vietnam that must be even more vivid and wonderful than that of my four-year old self are. (more…)

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