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Typewriter cozy

Saturday, August 18th, 2012 | 6 Comments »
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Since it’s difficult to find typewriter covers for sale online, I decided to make my own.  It doesn’t enclose the typewriter completely–the bottom is still open, so I can just slip this on top of the typewriter.  I’m thinking that as long as no little bugs (highly unlikely) slip underneath or anything, this should protect my typewriter from things getting inside when it’s unused.  Better than having to store it in its case and taking it out every time I want to type on it.  Am going to measure and make cozies for all the typewriters I keep outside!  The one below is for my Olympia SM-9.


typewriter cozy

Kind of wrinkly and needs pressing, but still so pretty!

New Blog Design

Friday, December 23rd, 2011 | 2 Comments »
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Changed the title image and color scheme of my blog just a little because I was getting tired of the blue.  This new sea-green/teal color is much brighter, I think.  The header image also features Kat, my favorite Olympia SF.

Thanks to Richard Polt for his Oliver Printype typewriter font, which I used for the new site heading.  I don’t know what I was thinking with that off-white glowing edge in the blue header image.  A design malfunction, to be sure.  But I’ve fixed it!  Typewriter font site heading looks pretty cool, I think!! I will cringe less when I preview my posts XD

Today something pretty sad happened in typewriter fandom (why yes, I am calling it a fandom!), though I don’t really want to talk about it here–or anywhere else, for that matter.  It’s one of those unfortunate mishaps that occur every once in a while in every fandom.  One just has to be prepared to face them stoically.

Two days till Christmas.  I am shivery with anticipation, despite having already gotten my gift.  It is this handsome rocking glider chair, which was too big to gift wrap and which my husband valiantly lugged from our parking lot all the way to my room for me.  How did I become so lucky?  It’s no Groma Kolibri, but it’s probably a bit more useful~

Happy Christmas, dear reader(s).  I daresay I may have one or two of you XD  Hope you have a great weekend~

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