• Bill M

    Ah! Richard started something with his removable tattoo.

    Now will it be an antique or modern machine? Office or portable? Full size?

    • http://talkbabble.rambly.net/ Crystal

      I think something portable, because those are what I’m really more drawn towards. I can’t decide if I should get a tat of one I already own (like the Groma Kolibri, which I think is beautiful) or something more classic, black with the glass-topped keys and all. So yes, antique or modern is what I don’t knowww.

  • http://writingball.blogspot.com/ Richard P

    I think the decision is utterly yours. I am tempted too, but hesitate because when I see people’s old tattoos they often look blurry and ugly.

    One of my students this spring wrote a term paper on typewriters and tattooing. She pointed out that typewriting is a violent imprint, creating a lasting reminder that brings back ghosts — and the same can be said of tattoos.

    • http://talkbabble.rambly.net/ Crystal

      I thought about the whole blurry and ugly bit a lot too when I decided. It turns out that the tattoos that usually look ugly after a while are the ones that don’t receive proper care and maintenance (i.e. sunburns, dryness, etc.) or are done by less skilled tattoo artists who go too deep with the tattoos. Also, most people who have had tattoos for a long time did them a long time ago, when the technology was not as good as it is now. I had to research a lot before coming to the decision to get one. But I think it will be good =)

      I like that, the “violent imprint” bit. We only live so long, and I think it’s worthwhile to record some lasting reminders for ourselves in this world that has become less concrete in so many ways.

      • http://writingball.blogspot.com/ Richard P

        That all makes lots of sense to me. Good to know about the importance of a proper tattoo and proper care. I think a Kolibri would make a cool tat!

  • Cameron Kopf

    Tattoo or not, it’s good to see you posting!

    • http://talkbabble.rambly.net/ Crystal

      Thanks, Cameron! I’m glad to be back.

  • http://idreamlo-tech.blogspot.com/ I dream lo-tech (Ton S.)

    I agree with Richard, a tattoo would look unsightly over time.
    How about visiting the Classic Typewriter Page (of Richard P.) and buying a typewriter t-shirt instead. ( :

    • http://talkbabble.rambly.net/ Crystal

      I think it should be fine if I take care of it properly; and I could always get it retouched.

      And I really do want a typewriter shirt! Some time soon, I think.

  • Fmpantunes

    If you really want it, just do it!
    If this is your first tattoo I’ll advise you to pick a place not very visible, so you’re not constantly looking at it and gorge yourself of the tattoo and preferebly a place that is not constantly exposed to the sun. Start with a small drawing and preferably in black because the don’t fade so easily. Just be careful with sunburns and do maintenance every few years. I bet you’ll love your tattoo. I have some and they all have a very special meaning for me. I hope the same happens to you :)

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