got a new typewriter in today

Saturday, January 28th, 2012 | 11 Comments »
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….guess which.  *GRIN*

  • Bill M

    May I post a big long list?

    I’ll take a guess at an Underwood No. 5.

    • Crystal

      Underwood No. 5 is a lovely machine. Sadly not the one I got. Though I would someday love to own one of the standard Underwood machines, or one of the SG series Olympias.

  • Anonymous

    Such a big grin – That can only be a Continental 340.

    • Crystal

      Ahahaha, sadly it is not. Though you’re right, the Continental 340 truly does deserve a big grin! *sigh* I keep coming across typewriters I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE NOW. It is not good on the budget!

  • Peter Baker

    Hermes Baby?

    • Crystal

      Nope. Though I would like one of those eventually. I have a Rocket which I kind of like for letter-writing, though!

  • fernando antunes

    You have to give us a hint! Where was it made?

    • Crystal

      I believe Germany?

  • Richard P


  • maschinengeschrieben

    Is it red?

    • Crystal

      It is not. But it is even prettier than the sears courier!

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