First typewriter purchase of 2012 — Red Sears Courier

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 | 11 Comments »
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I’ve been salivating over the thought of a nice red (not-Valentine) typewriter for a while, and before Christmas had my eyes on a Sears Courier on Etsy, but it was out of my price range.  Imagine my delight when one popped up again on Etsy within my price range.  Though the purchase was still pretty pricey–my biggest purchase ever at $140 plus shipping–I do believe it is well worth it!  I have a red Sears Courier typewriter being shipped my way soon~

pic taken by etsy seller; beautiful red lettera 22


I am beyond pleased with my first typewriter purchase of 2012.  This Sears Courier is mechanically identical to the Lettera 22–just the color and keys are different.   I can cross it off my typewriter wishlist now!  Can’t wait till it comes in.

  • Bill M

    Very nice machine.

    • Crystal

      Thanks, Bill.

  • Richard P

    Looks very cool! Congrats.

    • Crystal

      Thanks! =D I’m excited.

  • Peter Baker


    • Crystal

      *grin* I think so too.

  • fernando antunes

    Very nice!

    • Crystal

      Thank you!

  • Cameron Kopf

    I like the vivid contrast between the red body and white keys. What vintage is this typewriter?

    • Crystal

      Me too! I think the white keys make the typewriter look positively festive. Not quite sure when it was made, though I think mid-50s?

  • Anonymous


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