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Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 | 14 Comments »
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I was going to reply to the guesses on my previous post more promptly, and then post about the typewriter, but this past weekend proved to be a very trying one.  Why must one’s parents drive one to insanity?  I spent most of Saturday evening a tiny tear-stained little mess underneath the bedcovers.  Oh well.

At least my typewriter came in!!


It is a Kolibri

tiny green machines!

  • Adwoa Bagalini

    That is a gorgeous Groma Kolibri, congratulations! It always feels great to get something on your wishlist, at last. Glad the experience of using it has lived up to expectations. I have a couple and I agree they are lovely to type on, though not as dramatically smaller than the Hermes Baby as expected! The type slugs are laid shallower, though, and so the action is markedly different. The streamlined case of the Baby means that when both are closed, they seem to take up an equal amount of space…

    • Crystal

      Yes, I was surprised at how heavy the Kolibri felt in comparison to the Rocket. It just doesn’t _look_ as though it would weigh the same, and actually in its case I think it weighs more.

      And yes, it really is great to cross it off my wishlist at last! =D

  • Bill M

    Very nice Kolibri! Congratulations! The Kolibri has been on my wish list for several months as well as some others, but my collections has grown too large too fast. The Kolibri must stay on my wish list a bit longer. Hope you get over your illness.

    • Crystal

      My collection is growing a lot faster than I expected as well! Not counting the broken Underwood 18 and the electric typewriter, I own 10 already. I only started collecting in maybe late September/early October.

      I hope you do get a chance to cross it off your wishlist soon, though. It’s a really fun typewriter to type on!

  • Richard P

    Yay!! Looks like a great one, congratulations.

    I hope you’re feeling better in body and soul soon.

    • Crystal

      I like it a lot, though I would have liked one of the burgundy ones more. Oh well! This one is in pretty good shape and green is a nice color.

      Thank you!

  • Cameron Kopf

    Best wishes for full recovery soon! It sounds like you’ve had a difficult month.

    Lovely typewriter! I like the color, and the typeface a LOT.

    • Crystal

      Thank you! I hope to fully recover soon too!

      I don’t know how I feel about the typeface yet–still have to clean the slugs, I think?–but I do love the color and the typing action is great.

  • Peter Baker

    very nice!

    • Crystal

      =D Thanks! I like it.

  • Rob Bowker

    Oh yes! A thousand yesses! The more I do without, the more I still want one, and THAT colour is close to perfect.

    • Crystal

      It’s a very nice color, yes! I would rather have had the deep burgundy one, but am very happy with this one (as I mentioned!).

  • Georg Sommeregger

    Would you do me a favour and look up the serial number of this Kolibri? It should be located underneath the space bar.

  • Cameron Kopf

    It’s been a long while since you’ve posted. Are you all right? You’ve been on my mind. All Best Wishes from The Woods!

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