The ubiquitous Hermes Rocket

Friday, December 23rd, 2011 | 4 Comments »
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Someone posted about the Hermes Baby portable the other day, and I was inspired to get out my Hermes Rocket and type a few lines.  It’s not as classy-looking as the Baby (I think), but it does have extremely cute coloring.

The apes have escaped!  Time to pay attention–this is my favorite bit!

  • Cameron

    Hermes is another brand I’d love to own. My collection leans heavily towards Smith-Coronas & Remingtons & Olivettis. I like the typeface on your Rocket.

    Now I’m going to have to watch all the “Apes” movies. Saw only the first one, when it first came out when I was 14. (That “dates” me, I know). ;)

    • Crystal

      I’d really like to own a Hermes 3000; the script typeface on those machines are especially beautiful. The author of StrikeThru posted an example of the typeface on hers, and I’ve wanted one ever since. I’ve wanted to try the Remingtons and Smith Coronas, too. I have a SC electric typewriter–the Coronet one in two shades of blue. Very pretty with its oval pop-up keys. But no manual typewriter.

      I have not actually seen the original Apes movies! Rise of the Planet of the Apes is actually supposed to be a prequel to that first one which you saw, and was released earlier this year. Its an outstanding movie, and because it is a sequel, you do not have to see the other movies to enjoy it! Go for it!

  • Meghan

    Just got the same machine — do you happen to know what year yours is? I can’t seem to find anything similar that’s been dated.

    • Meghan

      Also, where did you get that fantastic case?!

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