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Friday, December 23rd, 2011 | 3 Comments »
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I’ve had this very strong urge to spray-paint one of my typewriters (possibly the Lettera 32?) a funky color–either purple or bright red.  It has always been my dream to have a bright red typewriter, but I don’t much care for the Valentine and the Sears Courier models are always so hard to come by / come with problems, or are out of my price range.  Collecting typewriters on a budget = plenty of disappointment.

So this desire to paint does not seem to be mine alone.  I stumbled upon this gallery of painted typewriters.  So pretty!  I wonder what these owners used to paint their typewriters.  Maybe a certain type of paint works better?  I would mind decoupaging the typewriter, either.  Still, don’t know how, though!

*stares at painted typewriters in envy*

  • http://writingball.blogspot.com Richard P

    It’s not so hard. Disassemble the outer shell of the typewriter (put the screws back in their proper holes for safekeeping); you probably want to start with a coat of white primer spray paint; after proper drying time, one or two coats of color; then (again leaving plenty of time to dry) a coat of clear gloss finish. This is all best done outdoors where there’s good ventilation, but with wind protection — I put the typewriter parts in a big cardboard box. Winter temperatures aren’t the best for this, either.

    • http://talkbabble.rambly.net crystal

      Thanks, Richard! Do you have a brand you recommend for the painting?

  • Bill M

    Nice job! I really like the red. Perhaps I may try red on my next project typewriter. I agree with you about the Valentine. to me that machine is an overly expensive novelty.

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