Hello from Olympia

Friday, December 16th, 2011 | 4 Comments »
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  • Gary Thomas

    Very impressive. I like the typeface of this one. The machine is good looking and you do have a very nice collection so far. I say so far because I can tell there are going to mere typewriters in your future.

    • http://talkbabble.rambly.net crystal

      I think I’ll definitely have more in my future! It’s an addiction.

  • http://cameronkopf.blogspot.com/ Cameron

    I like the backstory on your experiences with typewriters, trying out your sister’s in her room after she eloped!

    Excellent typeface on the SM-9. Olympias are great machines.

    I picked up an SM-3 at a thrift store in Modesto, CA and I love it — but unfortunately I haven’t been able to solve the issue of the ribbon bunching up whenever I shift (carriage shift). I may end up taking it in to a repairman, because I love everything else about the SM-3 so much!

    Gosh, it seemed like only yesterday when my typewriter collection was 11. Suddenly it’s 19. Watch out! ;)

    • http://talkbabble.rambly.net/ Crystal

      I hope you’re able to get the SM-3 fixed! Yours looks great!

      It seemed like yesterday when my typewriter collection was 1. In fact, it was just two months ago! Oops.

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