Black Olympia SF

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 | 8 Comments »
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sleek and black and beautiful~

If it seems as though I have a slight affinity for Olympia typewriters…well.  I do~

  • Rob

    Another Olympia junkie! Hi Crystal, good to ‘meet’ you. I have my eye on a DL AND a replacement Imperial Good Companion Model 5 (gave the last one to my sis).

    • Crystal

      Hi Rob! Yes, I love Olympias. The DL is a really nice typewriter–I love the silver and black design. It looks better and better the more I gaze at it. Have you had any luck in your search?

  • Max Rudiari

    What a nice typewriter!!! It’s really hard to find a portable Olympia here in Brazil. Let me know if you cross with any with portuguese keyboard.
    Keep typing!

    • crystal

      I definitely will! Thanks for visiting the blog! I love yours!!

  • Cameron

    You have GREAT taste in typewriters, I must say!! :D

  • Rick

    Hi Crystal, I stumbled in looking for pictures of SFs, and glad I did. I love yours, and now don’t know if I can be satisfied with any other kind of SF.


    • Crystal

      The curvy one is nice, isn’t it! There’s a baby blue one on Etsy right now–I talked the seller down to $125 and was going to get it, but just can’t afford it now that I found the red lettera 22. If it’s within your price range, maybe you can consider it? They come in such pretty colors~

  • sonya

    I have the same typewriter, it was my grandfather’s. Do you know what year it’s from? I am having a hard time dating it.

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