Soft chewy raisin cookies

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I’m actually not a big fan of cookies, mostly because aside from The Cookie Corner cookies, I find most store-bought cookies horribly boring, not chewy enough, too sweet, or too chocolatey.  Chocolate chip cookies are so very ubiquitous and I am not a fan of chocolate.  So when my nephew said that he wanted to bake cookies one Sunday afternoon, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.

Easy way out: Pillsbury Doughboy cookies.  But those never turn out the way I want them to.  Too brittle and dry and tastes exactly like what there are: something you bought at the store.   So I ventured out into the internet, and found this recipe  for soft-batch choco chip cookies at


Pictured above are the actual chocolate chip cookies. I was too busy eating the cinnamon raisin cookies to take any pictures, I’m afraid. But it’s practically the same thing.

I’ve made cookies using the recipe linked above as a base three times. The first time I didn’t change anything, and the cookies were edible, but not fantastic. The second time, I added some spices, and a bit more sugar (because I have a sweet tooth). Here are the spices:

  • Cinnamon sugar
  • Nutmeg
  • Allspice

Not a lot.  Maybe for the full recipe you’d add half a teaspoon of each.  If it smells good after you’ve blended everything in, then you’ve done good.  If you can’t smell any difference, add more.  Then, when everything’s done, I fold in raisins instead of chocolate chips.  I bake until the cookies are golden brown and immediately take them out. They remind me almost of gingerbread, though not a strong–a softer flavor. They smell so great you can’t help eating several all at once.

I’ve found that adding allspice and nutmeg (in small quantities) to most sweet baked dishes gives them a nice toasty, spicy taste that makes them more special. Try it!

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