Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie

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I saw this only a few days after it came out, but never got a chance to post about it.  Should probably do it now, since I want to link to this  pretty amusing parody of the H-BP movie by Sarah Rees Brennan.

I enjoyed the movie.   Dan Radcliffe isn’t very good in it and neither is Dumbledore (though a friend has commented that he has slightly more personality than in the previous films).  Important things are left out, and we don’t get any more of Gary Oldman showing off his chest (you know you liked it!).  It’s not by any means a perfect adaptation, but still good enough that I didn’t feel as though I’d wasted my money (the fifth movie, anyone?).

As a long-time fan of the books I thought the movie was a pretty unfaithful adaptation of the sixth Harry Potter book, though it manages to cram in quite a lot of things.  This is always the problem with movies that are based on books: books have no length restrictions, and can be as long as the author wants them to be, or at least as long as the editor allows them to be.  Movies do have restrictions on time, and therefore the screen writer or director has to pick and choose what details are important and which he/she can afford to omit.

I must say that not including the part about Snape’s mother and his background was a big mistake.  This movie has perhaps more Professor Snape (oh, yes, more Alan Rickman screentime) than any other Harry Potter movie, and rightfully so because he’s practically the title character.   The movie is called Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. And Snape is, well, the Half-Blood Prince.  And yet the significance of that title is lost because the entire investigation on the HBP’s identity is pretty much gone.  Instead, lots of time is spent on Ron’s relationship with Lavendar Brown, who did a very good job of being annoying.

Of course, there were good points:

  • The movie was very cinematic and the special effects were well done.
  • Harry’s relationship with Ginny was also fleshed out a bit, and although I disagree with choosing to focus on that rather than on Snape, I can’t say it’s not due to my overwhelming partiality to More Snape Time, Please.
  • Rupert Grint as Ron is hilarious and genuine; I loved all the funny faces he made, and he pulled them off so well.  He even made the Lavendar Brown thing less taxing for me.
  • The actor who played Slughorn was pretty good in his role.  I didn’t like Slughorn in the books, but he manages to redeem the character somewhat in my eyes.
  • I thought they did a great job with Draco and his role in the movie.  I’ve decided that I like how unfortunate-looking Tom Felton is, because I think that’s the way Draco should look.  He played the role very well and made the character a sympathetic one–no small task considering the horrible way he’s portrayed in the earlier movies.

Overall, it’s something I’m glad I saw.  I think the movies are getting steadily better (though the 3rd movie is still my favorite), despite the lead Acting a bit too much.  I hope it’ll keep going in that direction.  I’m really glad it was good, though, because I’ll probably be compelled to see it again several times just for the Alan Rickman appearances >___>

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