Expressing degrees of politeness in requests, using the Te-form of verbs

Friday, June 5th, 2009 | 3 Comments »
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電気を消して 下さいませんか/いただけませんか? Formal







  • mari

    This list is very helpful. It’s an area many foreigners get confused, and hard for us native JP speaker to explain the nuances. I’m going to Japanese English Toastmaster meeting tomorrow, so tell other bilingual speakers to take a look at your site. Keep up a good work!

    • Tam

      Ah, thanks for visiting! I found your recipe really great fun. Will be making more posts on Japanese grammar in a few days, so keep watching!

  • Bill Sodeman

    Interesting post – and I cannot read a word of Japanese.

    However, English and German each have their own protocols for polite requests.

    I’m often surprised at how people word their requests!

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