Finally over, omg.

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Wednesday was my last day of finals for the semester.  There are still lots of things to do, such as wrapping things up at my university job and finishing two web design commissions before my trip, but other than that, I am a free person!  =D  

I’ve made some estimations and I think I’ll have a 3.82 GPA this semester.  Not spectacular, but still good.  Due to the increase in workload and the career worries (I didn’t get the 2nd interview for KMH, and have since been working on applications to other firms) I’ve been neglecting this blog.  It’s always the hobbies that go first, which I guess how it usually works.  I hope to take up Japanese and extra accounting stuff again.   At Sally’s I’m learning book keeping now.  It’s very different from the textbook stuff.  I thought I was pretty okay at bank reconciliations, but the stuff you do in class is nowhere near as complicated as the stuff I’ve been learning.  But so much fun~  I actually look forward to working (>__> oh, Crystal, you are such a dork).  

I bought myself a shiny gift as a prize with the bonus that Sally gave me for getting through tax season with her (I love my boss!).  It’s for getting through this semester in one piece (for some reason, it’s been the hardest semester yet), and also for landing a new part-time job and hauling in two web design commissions in the span of a week.  The Amazon Kindle~  I shall talk more about it in the next post.

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