Kanken DS 2 (Nintendo DS) & Kanji Learning

Thursday, February 5th, 2009 | 5 Comments »
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The full name is a bit long, so I’ll just leave it to you to search for it. XD

I read about this game from the TravelJapanBlog, and had to try it.  It’s the cheapest at Play-Asia, though it’s still pretty expensive there. So far, so good.  I’ve been puttering around on the 10 kyuu level (the lowest) because I didn’t exactly learn my Kanji in the kanken order, so simple kanji like 虫 were a bit beyond me. But the characters (except for the menu buttons) were easy and clear to read, and the games were vary and engaging.  I’d recommend this to someone who has a fair knowledge of kanji, and an easy-to-use kanji dictionary (I own the Casio XD-GW9600, which is an excellent e-dictionary).

In addition to this I’ve ordered some Mangajin volumes from TravelJapanBlog (and they have more for sale if anyone is interested!) to practice Japanese, along with a few doujinshi I’ve collected from various friends.  I try to go through three pages every night, write down the vocab/kanji I don’t know, look them up, and study them the next day.  Then rinse and repeat.

>__>  I punch my own half-sized flash cards and put them in little rings for easy.. um.  flashing.

I’d love to hear about anyone else’s study techniques! In the past I’ve tried writing back and forth with a Japanese pen pal, but it just doesn’t seem to work. Lately I’ve been thinking maybe I should try writing back and forth with a Japanese language student instead.  Anyone wanna?

ETA: I’ve just discovered that WordPress doesn’t support Japanese characters.  Or maybe my wordpress blog doesn’t. D= Must fix somehow!

ETA: Fixed!

  • http://traveljapanblog.com/wordpress/ al

    I can see your “mushi” character just fine.

    • Crystal

      Ah, yes, I fixed it somehow! =) Thanks for the visit. I really like your blog.

  • http://traveljapanblog.com/wordpress/ al

    Thanks. I’m looking forward to reading yours, not only on Japanese but on accounting too. I’m actually an accounting professor.

    • http://talkbabble.rambly.net Crystal

      It’s a small world, to meet someone online who’s interested in both the subjects I’m blogging about. I hope I don’t sound too utterly ignorant about accounting to a professor–I’m still completely green about almost everything except the basics.

      What kind of accounting do you teach?

  • http://traveljapanblog.com/wordpress/ al

    Currently I teach tax and intermediate, but in the past I have taught pretty much everything (managerial, intro, AIS, audit, CPA review)

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