Moving to a new domain~

For my friends on the typosphere (and whoever else is interested!) I’m moving to a new blog/domain:  I will be blogging mostly about life as an aspiring writer and my love of typewriters/the written word.  If this sounds like your thing I would appreciate it if you took a look in!

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Typewriter cozy

Since it’s difficult to find typewriter covers for sale online, I decided to make my own.  It doesn’t enclose the typewriter completely–the bottom is still open, so I can just slip this on top of the typewriter.  I’m thinking that as long as no little bugs (highly unlikely) slip underneath or anything, this should protect my typewriter from things getting inside when it’s unused.  Better than having to store it in its case and taking it out every time I want to type on it.  Am going to measure and make cozies for all the typewriters I keep outside!  The one below is for my Olympia SM-9.


typewriter cozy

Kind of wrinkly and needs pressing, but still so pretty!

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Am not dead!

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Beautiful Kolibri

I was going to reply to the guesses on my previous post more promptly, and then post about the typewriter, but this past weekend proved to be a very trying one.  Why must one’s parents drive one to insanity?  I spent most of Saturday evening a tiny tear-stained little mess underneath the bedcovers.  Oh well.

At least my typewriter came in!!


It is a Kolibri

tiny green machines!

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